John Rochard give & Go Visa

John Rochard give & Go Visa

give and Go Prepaid, Inc. is the distributor of a co-branded Prepaid Visa® Card. give and Go Prepaid, Inc. has an exclusive license with Peoples Trust Company, and is approved to distribute the give & Go Prepaid Visa Card in Canada.

With head offices in Toronto and sales offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, the branded give & Go Prepaid Visa card is the only Prepaid Visa card that utilizes a micro-donation platform, which embeds a donation into a Prepaid Visa card's value so you can give Anywhere and Go spend Everywhere Visa is accepted.

"We are helping to support grassroots philanthropy and empower causes and individuals in our communities to make giving part of their everyday living." —John Rochard, Founder

Our give & Go Prepaid Visa cards are available online for purchase and distribution through our network of online communities of nonprofits and registered charitable organizations across Canada.

Retail locations where you can purchase the give & Go Prepaid Visa Card will be in launched in Canada, fall 2012.

Our USA online purchase and distribution launch is scheduled for Spring 2012.

The give & Go Prepaid Visa Card is a simple, new way to give a gift and support your cause or community at the same time. It's a Prepaid Visa card that gives so much more.

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